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"Terms and Conditions" can be added to your Bill of Lading (BOL).

Once you have added this to your account, these Terms and Conditions will be attached to your Bill of Ladings generated by Super Dispatch.


- Please login to your Dispatch Dashboard

- Go to "Settings"

- You should see a large text field labeled "Custom Contract"

- Type in, or copy/paste your Terms and Conditions into that field.

- Click "Save"

Preview one of your BOLs or email them to yourself. Terms and Conditions will appear at the end or on the next page of your BOL.

OWNER-OPERATOR (mobile app only):

- Please email the text of your Terms and Conditions to:

- You must have the following information for us to process this for you:

-- Digital text (typed) of your Terms and Conditions (we should be able to copy/paste it, we will not be able to add a scanned version of your current Terms and Conditions)

-- Company name

-- Your email address

Thank you for using Super Dispatch!

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