You can easily import CarMax loads with the click of a button - but first you will need to install the Super Dispatch chrome extension:

One-click import using the Super Dispatch Chrome Extension

How to get it:

  • You MUST be using Google Chrome browser. If you don't have it, you can Get Chrome here. 
  • The link will take you to Chrome Webstore and the window will open for "Super Dispatch Importer"
  • Click on "Add to Chrome"

After the Chrome Extension is installed (and be sure to refresh your CarMax log in screen), click on the check box next to each vehicle that you want to import, then click the "Import to Super Dispatch" button.

Note: If you selected several orders at once, each order will be launched into its own Super Dispatch edit order screen, to be individually edited and saved.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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