Please note that the Cars Arrive "Import to Super Dispatch" button only applies when using the Super Dispatch Dashboard.

To use the CarsArrive Import button, first log into your CarsArrive account. The first screen (and "home screen") is the "TRANSPORTER MANAGER PAGE." There you will find the "LOADS BY USER." Next to the "User" you will see a number - indicating a number of orders dispatched to that user. Click a number greater than zero.

The next screen is called "MY LOADS." Find the load you with to import and click on the small "Magnifying Glass" near the right end of the row. The screen that will load next contains "LOAD INFORMATION." There you will find the RED "Import to Super Dispatch" button near the upper right of the screen. By clicking it, the Super Dispatch edit screen will be launched, and the vehicle order information will be auto filled into the Super Dispatch order edit information fields. As a Super Dispatch Dashboard user, you are now ready to edit the information and assign the order to a driver. Don't forget to press the blue Saver Order button before moving on to a different screen.

If you are unable to use the Import button, here is the CarsArrive dispatch sheet import procedure:

  • Login to your CarsArrive account
  • Go to "My Loads"
  • Click on "Magnifying glass" icon next to the order

- click on "Bill of Lading" (NOT "PDF Bill of Lading)

- Right click "Print" or Press "CTRL + P"

- Save as "PDF" or Change printer destination to "Save as PDF"


- Open Super Dispatch Dashboard

- Click on "Import order"

- Select the .PDF file you had saved.

- Click "Open"

This will auto populate the new order fields and create a new order in your Dashboard.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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