To begin with, we've built a functional MVP [minimally viable product] to replace drivers paper HoS logs. We'll continue to improve the features and functionality, but here you can read what functionality is available in our first iteration, and how to use it. 


  • Change driver duty status.
  • View the duty status hours for the current day.
  • View the graph display for the current day.
  • View the Duty Limit diagram for the past 8 days.
  • View the 8-day history.
  • View daily log records for a day.
  • Send a daily log report to an email address.
  • Send feedback on HoS.


  • We support only 34-hour restarts.
  • We support only 70-hour/8-day duty limit.
  • The terminal timezone is CST always (Kansas City).
  • Past records are not editable.


When a driver activates the HoS tab, the app displays the description of the feature. The driver can tap Learn More to review how it works.

The Hours of Service screen has 4 sections:

  • Duty Statuses
  • Graph Display
  • 70 Hour Duty Limit
  • History

Duty Statuses

There are 4 duty statuses:

  • Off Duty
  • Sleeper Berth
  • Driving
  • On Duty

The section displays the current statuses with spent hours; furthermore, the Driving status contains how much time left for driving. Each status has its own color (as can shown in the following 4 clips below).

Off Duty

Sleeper Berth


On Duty

Change Duty Status

The current duty status can be switched by pressing on any of them. A driver can specify the location and the notes for the status change.

Each time you change the status the clock will automatically begin counting against the particular status that is highlighted. 

Graph Display | 70 Hour Duty Limit

Real time graph display for the current day is displayed after the duty statuses section. A driver can view log records for the day by tapping to the graph display. The graph display gives more familiar view of the day.

The 70 Hour Duty Limit section is designed to show available and spent duty hours to a driver. It contains a 8-day period (or, 7-day period).

Log History

The section contains the list of the records for past 8 days (7 days). A driver can view the detailed records for a day by tapping a list item.

Daily Log

The Daily Log screen contains this information for the selected day:

  • Graph Display.
  • Duty Statuses.
  • Logs (Records).

The records are not editable now.

Send Report

A driver can generate and send a daily log report to an email address. Before sending a report, the driver should fill out the required fields.

By touching Create Report it opens a more familiar interface like sending a BOL


A Daily Log report contains most of the required information.

Feedback and Support

On the Hours of Service screen two buttons are available to help:

  1. opens the Educate article:
  2. Feedback - opens a new Intercom conversation with the message: I have feedback on HoS: 

We've had a lot of request for this feature, and we're excited to begin getting feedback.

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