By connecting Quickbooks Online with your Super Dispatch dashboard, invoices that are generated after loads are delivered are automatically sent to your QuickBooks chart of accounts. The way this works is that every time an invoice is generated and sent from the Dashboard, the same invoice is created in Quickbooks online.

Once payment is received for the load, and is marked paid on the Dashboard, the respective Invoice in QuickBooks online is also updated. This helps you eliminate the need for manual data entry to create Invoice manually for each delivered Load.

To connect your Dispatch Dashboard to your QuickBooks Online account, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Dispatch Dashboard
  • Go to "Settings" 
  • Scroll down until you see this:
  • Click on "Connect to QuickBooks" button 
  • You should see this screen popup:
  • Enter your QuickBooks Online login credentials
  • If you've entered the information correctly, you should see this screen:
  • Click on "Authorize" 
  • Once your accounts are connected, you will be taken back to the "Settings" page of your Dispatch Dashboard. 
  • You should now see the following in your Settings:
  • Product/service item list is taken from your QB Online. Please select an appropriate item. We use this item for all invoices those will be created in you QB Online.
  • The last step to Activate this connection, please check the box that says "Send invoices to QuickBooks Online" 
  • and click "SAVE" 

Your Super Dispatch Dashboard is now connected to your QuickBooks Online account.

Please send a test Invoice from the Dashboard to see if it appears in your QuickBooks account.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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