Super Dispatch has created a jTracker plugin that will allow our customers to send loads via Super Dispatch using information inside the jTracker. This allows you, the broker, to receive real time updates and copy of BOLs. You don't have to call the carriers anymore and ask for status updates/BOLs. 

Super Dispatch only reads information from your jTracker account. We do not change any load status or anything else inside of your account.

Learn how to send load offers to carriers with these five easy steps:

1. Download Chrome Extension 

You can download the jTracker plugin by opening Google Chrome browser and search for "Super Dispatch Chrome Extension" or following the link we have provided here. Download the extension. Click "ADD TO CHROME".

Once you have installed the extension, you will need to log in using your Super Dispatch login provided by the sales team. You can verify if you have installed the chrome extension correctly by seeing a new box labeled "Super Dispatch" inside of the Order Detail tab of your jTracker as it is shown in step 2 below.

2. Create Load / View existing load

Start by creating a load as you normally would within jTracker, or viewing an existing load. In the Order Detail screen you should see a new box labeled "Super Dispatch."  

The box in the corner will appear grey if you haven't imported the load to Super Dispatch. If you have a carrier that you want to offer this load first or you have found a carrier on Central Dispatch, click "Edit Order" within the box or go to the "Edit Order" tab to send it to your desired carrier.

3. Edit using the Super Dispatch plugin

Once in the "edit order" tab, you will need to add information for our TMS, such as contact information and email. This page requires no more information than you already have from your chosen carrier. Once you have added the necessary information, press "send via Super Dispatch"

4. Sending loads to Carriers via Super Dispatch plugin

This tool will allow your selected carrier to receive both an email and text message for a load offer, so it is good to fill out both pieces of contact information on the screen that appears:

Carrier already uses Super Dispatch:
The carrier receiving the load will need to provide you with the email they listed on their carrier profile page of Super Dispatch. Once you click on Send Offer, we will confirm the company name with you. This is so the load will go to the correct dashboard in our system. 

Carrier never used Super Dispatch:
If you don't put in the proper email or that email is not in our system, you will run into an error screen: 

In this case you are creating a new carrier profile for that email address, therefore we need you to enter the carrier name. 

If you have entered the information correctly or created a new company, you should see this message:

Viewing order status

When you view your order details, the Super Dispatch box should now show that your load has been shared with the carrier. A status of "pending" means that the carrier hasn't accepted or declined your offer. A status of "new" means that the carrier has accepted your load, but haven't picked up the load yet.

The status will continue to change as the load is en route:

You have the option to download the BOL at any time and see available information. This will help to speed up your billing cycle as well, because you don't have to wait on the carrier to send you copy of the BOL. 

5. Login to Broker TMS

Not only can you view the status of your load on the individual load screens inside the jTracker, but you will also be able to see their status on the Super Dispatch Broker TMS webpage. 

You can access the Broker TMS by going into webpage. Login with the same credentials as you did into Super Dispatch Chrome Extension, which was provided by the sales team. 

We have created a color coded load status right next to the Load ID so you can see where all of your loads are in the process.

Curious to find out what does the carriers/drivers see after you send a load offer?

Accepting Load Offers from Brokers (for carriers already using Super Dispatch)
Accepting Load Offers from Brokers. (for new to Super Dispatch carriers)

If you are experiencing any issues or have questions please use our live chat on the bottom right corner of this screen, call 816-974-7002 or email  

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