Create a Driver Pay Report for a Selected Period of Time

This report allows a dispatcher or an accountant to view the general payroll report for drivers of a carrier.

To open Driver Pay Report:

  1. Go to the Reports page.
  2. Click the Driver Pay Report link.
  3. Or, click the Driver Pay Report link on Billing Dashboard.

The Driver Pay Report page lists all company drivers and the following information:

  • Name: a driver’s name.
  • Pay Rate: a driver’s pay rate in percents. Pay Rate is editable and every change will be stored in the database. So, when a dispatcher returns to the page, last pay rates will be shown.
  • Revenue: a driver’s revenue for a selected period. The revenue is: the sum of delivered orders’ prices - the sum of broker fees. If a driver delevered 5 orders with price $200.00, and two orders have broker fee $40.00 each, the revenue is: 5 * $200.00 - 2 * $40.00 = $920.00
  • Driver Fee: how much money should a carrier pay to a driver. Its formula: Revenue / 100 * Pay Rate.

A dispatcher can change the Report Period and/or Pay Rate using the filters provided:


  • The feature works only with Chrome for now.
  • Archived orders are not included to the report.
  • All drivers are listed whether active or inactive.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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