Integrating QuickBooks Online with Super Dispatch allows your billing department to send Super Dispatch invoices into your QuickBooks chart of accounts in order to keep you customer database and balance due up to date.

To do this, please follow the instructions in the following video (plus the addendum below) to integrate your Super Dispatch and QuickBooks Online accounts. This will allow for all of your invoices generated in Super Dispatch to be automatically transferred over to Quickbooks Online.


(1) In addition to the instructions in the video below, please make sure that you have checked the box "Send Invoices to Quickbooks Online" under "Settings" on the Dashboard and click "Save".

(2) At the moment, transferring Invoices to Quickbooks works only on the future Orders that you will Invoice (after the integration). If you wish to transfer your existing Invoices, you will have to send those Invoices to your own email address. Syncing Invoices between QB and Super Dispatch gets triggered upon faxing or emailing them.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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