In the dashboard, within the Edit screen, a user can click the Send Invoice button to begin the process of sending the invoice from the dashboard.

First, find the order that you wish to Invoice, click the Edit button to go to the order edit screen, and then to the right of the order you will find the "Send Invoice" button.

After you click the button, a Send Invoice pop up window will appear, asking for Invoice ID, Email address, and/or Fax.

- On the Send Invoice screen, you have a few different options

-- Send Invoice to customers email address or fax (or both)

-- Prior to sending you may "Preview" the invoice (see button below)

-- For accounts connected with Quickbooks Online, we will verify the Contact info, if it does not meet the requirements of Quickbooks Online, you will need to update it before it can be accepted.

Once the Invoice is sent, a confirmation will be displayed with a time stamp in your Order view (see image below) 

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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